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The Simplification of my Life
 Well, here we go.  

Lately, I have been reading Leo Babuta's book, "The Power of Less", and reading his blog. (  I look around my house and I see a lot of neat stuff, but much of it tends to take up space.  I liked when I was able to fit my possessions into two fully loaded cars and a UHaul.

So, to that end, I'm beginning the great reduction.

Here's how this will work.  Over the next week, I will select five books in the following categories:


That's it .  Just 35 books, down from the nigh hundreds I have here. 

Of those books going away will be plenty of interesting things.  A lot of D&D 4th edition books will be available.  I hear tell of a Pathfinder RPG that might also be available.   There will be Battletech books open too.  

After this, I'm going upstairs, and selecting FIVE board games.  That's right.  FIVE.  And Five Card Games,if I have that many.

I also am going to be selling my Casio Privia keyboard, some song books, and omg there's a sale on at Penny's!

Please note, this won't count my AMZN kindle books, as those take up no space.  

Elliot shall be thrilled.


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