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Here it is, the great RPG sale
Okay.. .here we go.

All items listed below will go for $5 a piece + $2 s/h per piece.  Minimum 3 item order.     Must live in the US.  Books will all be shipped via media mail. Shipping fees will be waived if I can get them to you at FWA , or if you can get them from me.   Payment must be made before I even bring them to the convention.  All sales are final and all products are sold "as is."

When you place an order, I will mark it as pending and strike through the items.  First come, first serve.  I will contact you with payment information, you will send me money via paypal (please include street address.), and then I will send you the shipment or coordinate a meetup with you.

Thanks Kovu, I forgot this: All D&D Products are 4th Ed except of course for the dungeon tiles which can be used anywhere, and Eberron Setting Guide, which is 3.0

Here it is:

Albedo 20th anniversary
Avoirdupois Ironclaw Supplement
Battletech: Strategic Operations
BESM REvised 2nd Ed
CBT: Dawn of the Jihad
CBT: Introductory Box set
CBT: Jihad Hot spots 3070
CBT: Map Set Compilation 1
CBT: Map Set Compilation 2
CBT: Starterbook: Sword and Dragon
CBT: Starterbook: Wolf and Blake
CBT: Tactical Operations
CBT: Techmanual
CBT: Tech Readout 3050
CBT: The Succession Wars, Tech Readout 2035
CBT: Total Warfare
Doloreaux Ironclaw Supplement
D&D: Arcane Towers dungeon tiles
D&D: Caves of carnage dungeon tiles
D&D: Dungeon Delve
D&D: DM Guide
D&D: DM Guide 2
D&D: Eberron Campaign Guide
D&D: Eberron Campaign Setting
D&D: Eberron Player's Guide
D&D: Fane of the Forgotten Gods Dungeon Tiles
D&D: Halls of the Giant Kings Dungeon Tiles
D&D: Manual of the Planes
D&D: Monster Manual
D&D: Player's Handbook
D&D: Player's Handbook 2
D&D: Streets of Shadow dungeon tiles
Phelan Ironclaw Supplement
Pathfinder Core Rulebook
Pirates of the Spanish Main
Robin's Laws of good GMing
Spycraft 2nd Ed
The Burning Wheel Character Burner
The Burning Wheel Fantasy Roleplaying System

The Savage World of Solomon Kane
Usagi Yojimo Limited Edition Release
Werewolf the Apocalypse 2nd Ed
World Tree

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Not just furs. Type CBT into a Google Image search with adult filters turned off... and you don't get anothing close to Battle Tech. ;)

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