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Okay, less drama filled post now :)

FWA was amazing. Quite easily one of the best cons I've ever had the privilege of attending.

I got tapped by Rama to be on staff this year, and I worked as his second throughout the weekend. It started with me coming in Thursday and doing gaff work for about four hours, and then just continued until it let up Sunday at 6PM. I enjoyed it. We had a relatively drama free dealers den, and had what is becoming our usual party during one of the nights. I look forward to continuing on next year as FWA staff.

Elliot and I got to see Matthew Ebel in concert, which is always awesome. We got hot dogs from the Varsity, rode Marta to see his family, and ate dinner at Fire of Brazil.

I got pretty much every Kyell Gold book, Matt Ebel's "Songs from the Vault volume 1", and a new commish from White Wolf. Graeme has a badge!

Next convention for me is MFM, and I'll be there as a normal every day attendee for the first time in five years.

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Thanks! I just hope I can hit that critical mass of success sometime soon, it's getting very difficult to keep this up.

I have to wonder, of all the listeners you have all over the place.. if they couldn't weigh some influence in the right direction.

Perhaps if we had some sort of concentrated marketing campaign to blitz particular people with particular messages.

I'm thinking all 4HWWy here, but it just seems like it exists.

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