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Read a story.
So, I bought a book called "The 3 AM Epiphany" which has some writing prompts. One of them is called "Imperative." It must be done using only imperative phrases/sentences. Commands. Generally the second person is assumed. Here's what I came up with.


Sit at the piano. Pound out chord after chord while drunk people sing. Wonder why parents bring their kids to a piano bar. Remember that you’re not in the old place, but the newer place that is far better. Drink some water to clear your throat. Open up your fake book. Get out that typed set list. Look past the novel that you wanted to write. Don’t contemplate what life would have been like if you stayed in college. Try hard not to think about Jennifer. Cross the piano rendition of 867-5309 off your set list. Laugh a little at how silly life can be. Pretend to ignore the blond who has been staring at you from the moment you finished that song from Casablanca. Ignore the band of discolored skin on her left hand, the beautiful hair flowing over her shoulders. Ignore her because you don’t like women. Ignore her because she’s an obsessed fan. Ignore her because you’re not supposed to have fans. Wave casually to your boyfriend behind the bar. Don’t blush as he blows a kiss back at you. Wince as a drink is set down on the piano “compliments of the lady.” Wave back at her like you are a pro. Notice the tip jar on the piano. Smirk, because that’s not the kind of pro you meant.

Look down to learn what’s next on the list. Remember that you didn’t need to. Sip from the drink that sits on top of the piano. Gaze at the keys. Wonder again why you left school. Flow into the music as you start to play. Let your fingers drift. Let your mind linger into the music. Remember why you do this. Smile to your boyfriend. Watch the woman get upset as she figures it out. Judge her harshly for cheating on her husband. Wonder if you would have been a pity fuck. Wonder if your parents set you up with Jennifer to try to make you straight. Laugh in the middle of the Celine Dion song about hearts going on at the thought of being “made straight again.” Remember your mother sitting in the chair next to the fire as you learned piano from Mrs. Rosinski. Finish playing Celine Dion. Take a break and wander over to the bar to talk to your boyfriend. Nod appropriately. Drink water. Eat pretzels. Wonder about the future with him. Gaze at him another minute or two. Kiss his cheek and turn. Dodge that waitress who almost ran into you again. Tell your boyfriend to fire her. Shrug as he tells you that its just her first day, she’s learning.

Play more music. Play some Elton. Play some Billy Joel. Play Stevie Wonder. Entertain drunk people. Help people get drunker. Make some people forget what life is like outside. Make some people remember. Sing happy songs. Sing sad songs. Sing songs that make no sense. Sing songs that make too much sense. Listen as the boyfriend calls out last call. Blink. Swivel head to gaze at clock on the wall. Wonder how time flies. Laugh again at thoughts of Matthew Broderick lecturing people as Ferris Bueller.

Help boyfriend clean up bar. Mop up beer from the floor. Pick up trash. Put chairs up on tables. Put pool cues back where they belong. Unlock door to apartment upstairs while he locks the front door. Climb up stairs. Brush teeth, wash face. Floss. Watch him disrobe. Climb in bed next to him. Feel his warmth. Hold him close. Make love to him. Do it again. Fall asleep having figured it all out.


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