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State of the Lion 2010
Well, it's been quite a while since I updated my LJ, and that's something I should be doing on at least a weekly, if not monthly basis. Otherwise, why even have the silly thing?

So.. what has the lion been up to for the past few months, and what does my future look like? I suppose we can call this thing the State of the Lion, though some might argue it's the state of confusion. Or denial.

I'm still in Tennessee, living in about the same place I was last year and the previous four. I find myself reading a lot, and have joined a few online groups with regards to that. I intend to clean out more books and run them down to the library at some point. Elliot eyes each new book that breaches the premises with disdain. I view them as cool opportunities. I've also re-added my subscription to Audible, so am getting a good dose on audio books on my way to work. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is well done. My hobbies still include coding, board gaming, reading, writing, and soccer. I'm working on getting into shape, and have switched to a more local-food / plant based diet. I've found a neat CSA that has sent us some yummy treats, including some good homemade pasta. I'm down to around 215 or so, but that number wavers. I plan on going down to 165.

Furry has been an interesting group for me for the past year. I find myself reaching the mid-30s, and the fandom that once had everything to offer me has gone on to find younger kids to offer everything to. I still am reading and writing furry fiction, and still attend conventions. This year coming up, we're going to attend MFM, FWA, Furry Fiesta, and possibly a weekend escape to another convention. Most likely RCFM… but we'll have to see. The drama on FurAffinity finally tugged me under, and I now exclusively am at SoFurry, which will mean something if I posted stories instead of just kept them secret. I also have a top secret plan which will be revealed in a few weeks or so. It'll be NEAT. I look forward to working with the furs involved on that project. Finally, I'm getting a murrsuit/fursuit/status enhancer. I've wanted to do it for awhile, and so has my husband, so there you go. I'm getting a lion partial from Lacy and CP, and I think all of you should too. That's planned to be in by FWA, and I'm chuffed to get it.

Lately, I've gotten more and more political. My parents are political, being somewhat noticeable in the Democratic party, and I tried to emulate them. However, I've grown so sick of the Democrats and their inability to act like people who care about people instead of corporations, and so have switched allegiances to the Green Party. Now, I know that a "vote for green is a vote for ", but I disagree. A vote for green is a vote for green. If enough people stopped falling for the "voting for the lesser of two evils" argument, perhaps we could enact some real change in the country instead of the same change under a different letter. The lame duck session of congress has proven how silly this is all gotten, when the Senate Minority Leader congratulated Senator Harry Reid on playing an "excellent game." Really? This is a game? I kind of thought it was real life. I know that the Senators have it so hard with their public option for life health care, but down here on the ground, I'm tired of watching two very rich fatted calfs playing a game of tennis while we suffer. But that's that. No more. Now, I think global, and act local. I'm working on getting onto a few committees here, and maybe if I can get myself injected into the local politics, I can make some real changes. We need a greenway around here, and we could stand to have a local currency to enhance business. Oh, and a community run garden.

Professionally , the last year has been quite adventurous. I left the job where I worked for 5, almost 6 years, and went to a place across town. I make about 15% more, and the work is challenging. The team is burnt out right now, but that happens all the time with work like this. You go in waves. Right now, the wave is going out. We're overbudget, late, and have more work than people to do them. If anyone wants a job in Tennessee, lemme know. I might be able to offer you a path in. It's a good team, with smart people, and a very laid back boss. He'd have to be to suffer us through this. My plans are still the same with regards to this job, and what it means to my overall career, but I'm enjoying things now. The last job was good, but it just didn't feel like people were acting on the same team anymore.

Finally, that brings me to the overall assessment. This year was an amazing and fun year, and the high point was getting married. Yes. That's right. I'm married. Elliot and I snuck up to Connecticut, and we got hitched on 10/29. That brings up numerous questions about what our plans are politically, but right now, we're just enjoying the new status. CT has moved onto our radar as a great state to move to eventually. Perhaps someone has something in the insurance industry and wants to give a lion a chance ;) I'm certainly looking for places that offer me more rights than less or current. If any of you are interested in getting married in Conneticuit, let me know, and I'll tell you exactly how we did it.

And that's that. That's the state of the lion for 2010. 2011 is just getting planned out, and I hope things work out well. Have a happy holidays, and a great 2011!


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