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State of the Lion, Mid Year, 2011
I never intend to get as hooked to the things I do. I've discovered in my life, there are things I do that I love, and things I do that I do just for the sake of doing them. You know, the "fit in with this crowd" type of crap. Now, mind you, I've never really HATED doing those "fit in with the crowd" activities. WoW, EVE, etc were all fun little pastimes that got boring quickly. So I dropped them. IRC is starting to get boring and annoying, so I've kinda stopped paying attention to it. Furry is in a phase for me that simultaneously is scary and extremely exciting.

All this is a prelude to a rebirth.

When I was in school, I didn't really concern myself with fitness. There was a "weight room", but only the jocks were allowed in there, and I was a nerd. School sorted itself into three categories. Jocks, Nerds, Indifferents. The jocks cared about the athletic and competitive side of things. The Nerds cared about competition too, but shifted the arena over to their strength. The Indifferents just wanted to get home so they could listen to NKOTB or BSB or Kurt Cobain. You weren't really allowed to stray into someone elses domain, either.

Now I'm 32. The warranty is over, the stuff is starting to get annoying. I weigh 214.6 pounds, the diet I'm on started at 224. My insurance costs me $318 a month. Do you know why it costs me that? It's because I'm fat. Yes. I'm fat. I can wear loose clothing. I can mask it. I can look around and laugh at the 500 pound fat-cart riders around here, but actuarial tables don't lie (on average.) This weight will make me check out early. The 500 pound fat-carter might check out earlier, but we're both checking out due to it.

I decided that needs to change. And I decided that the best way to change that is to aggressively pursue change. I also found that I have many self-confidence issues. I don't stand up for myself. I don't take pride in who I am. I don't fight when I should fight. I don't believe what I can do.

On May 17, I went to a CrossFit course and switched my diet to the Paleo Diet. I've never been the type to be a gym rat. Lion. Thing. But after just one workout, I was hooked. And sore. And the really scary thing? That workout was ONLY 3:53 long. That's right. Under 4 minutes of work and this lion is ready to rack out.

But the weight started to drop off me. New weight started coming on. The new weight was muscle, the old was fat. I started thinking better. I started sleeping better. I wake up in the morning and almost lick my lips at the opportunity that is out there. I don't fear workouts, I relish them. I DESIRE them.

I see people doing muscle ups, and squats with basically my goal weight, and sweet little women deadlifting 363+ pounds. Once I would have written them off, or been jealous. Now I see them as lessons, mentors, people who have skills that can make me better.

I signed up for the Warrior Dash in September. It involves fire. Running. Climbing, Jumping, Growling. Everything a lion needs. I'm eyeing Tough Mudders as an eventual goal, but that event scares the hell out of me right now.

I wake up in the morning and eat steak and eggs, and some blueberries. Lunch is a good salad with chicken. Dinner is fish or chicken and more veggies. I drink once in a while.

There has never been a fire inside of me burning as bright, or furiously as it is now. I'm angry at letting myself get this fat. I'm angry at missing out on life this long. I'm channeling that anger into change. I wake up and the first thought in my mind is the sign at Notre Dame Stadium that reads "Play like a champion today."

I'm a lion, and I'm going to show you all what that means.

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